How to capture a Zombie in Minecraft

How to capture a Zombie in Minecraft

Zombies are one of Minecraft’s many hostile mobs. Spawning in light levels of seven or less, these undead creatures are a common sight in Minecraft’s Overworld, especially at night. Zombies spawn in groups of four. This makes it easy for them to attack and overwhelm players.

Zombies are best known for their threat to Minecraft players, but these hostile mobs have their uses. Curing a zombie villager, for instance, unlocks a custom achievement.

Due to the mob’s many uses, Minecraft players may want to catch a zombie or two. Not sure how to do this? We’re here to help. Here’s our guide on how to capture a zombie in Minecraft.

Capturing Zombies in Minecraft: A Guide

Building a Trap

Before they find a zombie to capture in-game, Minecraft players will need somewhere safe to keep that zombie. Players can build a simple zombie-proof structure by following these steps:

  1. Find an area that is five blocks long and five blocks wide.
  2. Construct a wall around this area. This should be three blocks tall, with one side of the area left open.
  3. Construct a divider through the center of your structure. Leave a two-block high space on end for players to pass through.
  4. Use slabs to fill in the roof. This is to make sure that zombies do not burn to death.
  5. Place fence gates on the remaining entry and exit points.
  6. In front of the fence gate, put a pressure plate. Make sure that the pressure plate is on the outside of the structure.
  7. Place torches. This is to prevent unwanted hostile mobs from spawning.

Now that they have a place to hold their zombies, Minecraft players can capture the mob. These are a few things to remember when attempting this in-game:

  • Zombies spawn at light levels of seven or less and are rarely seen during the day.
  • Lots of zombies can spawn in one place. This can be great for capturing many at once but can be dangerous for players. Wear armor and be prepared.
  • If a zombie dies, players may need to start looking for one all over again. Try to avoid causing the mob any unnecessary damage. Use your fists rather than a weapon.

Despite their in-game hostility, Minecraft zombies can be incredibly useful for players in-game. Luckily for players, capturing a zombie has never been easier.